George Martin developed the group headquarters for MJT Securities Limited. MJT consists of Toomey Motor Group, Unit Export Limited, Toomey Leasing Group and George Martin, with over 220 staff calling Basildon home. The development site began with the construction of Service House and the Toomey Motor Group Petrol Filling Station in 1986. Service House accommodates our Basildon Vauxhall dealership and provides nearly 60,000 sq. ft. of space, including showroom, workshop, parts storage, staff amenity and office space. 

  • Status Complete
  • Area Commercial Development
  • Location Basildon, Essex
  • Type Commercial
  • Land size12 Acres
  • Showrooms5
  • Completion1986 – 2012

With the expansion of the Toomey Group, further development across the 12-acre site followed. Following the acquisition of the Nissan franchise, George Martin led the design and construction of Nissan in 1995 which provided showroom, workshop and associated space. The ‘new’ property replaced the ‘Nissan tent’ which served as a dealership in the interim period. Soon after, in 1997 the Toomey Renault dealership followed. In 2002, a section of the Vauxhall workshop was demolished allowing the construction of the Peugeot dealership. George Martin lead the expansion of the site culminating in the conversion and extension of the Citroen dealership in 2013.

Alongside the construction projects, George Martin has overseen multiple projects to improve the external areas for the Group. Works have been varied and include expanding the car parking provision, hard and soft landscaping, the introduction of smart controlled LED external lighting and various corporate signage projects. As part of the manufacturer’s corporate image requirements, each dealership has undergone extensive refurbishment to update and improve the customer experience. Each of these projects has been led by the experienced George Martin team.

Project Highlights

Motor Dealerships

Design and construction of purpose built automotive dealerships.

Petrol Filling Station

Construction of a Petrol Filling Station for public use.

Landscaped Areas

Areas are maintained and landscaped to enhance customer experience.

Vehicle Display

Development of ancillary land for the display of vehicles and customer parking.