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What Makes a Good Location?

There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect Location. Here a eight things we suggest you research to find that new town or city:


The first step in finding the right area is to get a little nosey and research local house prices in either the place you currently reside or which you desire to. One way to do this is using tools found on sites such as Zoopla, Rightmove and On The Market that allow you to see recently sold property and their prices. 

Be cautious when using these tools as they may not reflect the price that the house factually sold for. This will also give you a larger understanding of the local housing market.

Local Transport

Perhaps one of the biggest things to consider when purchasing a new home is the local transport links. Even if you don’t rely on public transport links if you are to further sell your home it could be an enticing feature that your home is close to the tram top or even a train station.

Local transport can also work in the opposite direction. If your desired area is close to motorways, airports and bus garages there could be an increase in pollution as well as noise pollution which could make it hard to enjoy your new home.

School Catchment Area

You may want to also research into school catchment areas to find out which schools your children or family members may be entitled to attend. It’s also good to look at the OFSTED rating for local schools. Schools surrounding your property will be a big factor when selling your home.


When moving to a new area always ensure you visit the local amenities on offer. Look for supermarkets, petrol stations and even gyms when looking at your new area. Take note of whether these are shops and places you are used to or ones you are comfortable with.

Park and Green Space

When it comes to parks and green spaces explore how many are in a 5 Mile radius of your area. This will build up an image of your desired area and also help plan any new pet walks you plan to go on.


Whether you’re a clubgoer or a cinema fanatic it’s important to make sure that your local area fits your lifestyle. Doing a quick Google Maps search will give you a bigger understanding if your area is right for you and if it’s not then where else has the entertainment amenities you are looking for?

Signs Of A Developing Area

Purchasing a property in a developing area requires a lot of trusts. To find an area that is being developed look out for Niche food chains like delis and coffee shops as well as New major road and rail links and even boosted interest from property developers. 

Crime Rates

Before moving to a new area always check the local crime rates on the Crime Rate website.  

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